Froggie's Place (creatively wanted)

Froggie's Place.  An ongoing project...creatively wanted (even when the creativity swings are lacking, which is more often than not).  Celebrating 10 years (at its own domain) in 2010...

First things first.  You're probably wondering just what this Froggie is.  Here's the quick-and-dirty:   this Froggie is a Minnesota Froggie (but not one of those frogs with 6+ legs).  Froggies can even forecast weather, though this froggie has also played around with oceanography, sea ice, and GIS.

Where did the name Froggie come from?  Good question.

Why does this Froggie person have a website?  For starters, everyone's gotta have a hobby (some are just a little cleaner than others).  For me, the hobbies range from traveling, highways and photography to Battletech and meteorology (especially severe weather).  Lately, the Froggie has become a bit of a GIS-geek.

Be forewarned, as this page is in a constant state of construction/reconstruction/overhaul/etc.  Most of my work concentrates on my highway and photography pages, but I do try to update my main pages from time to time.


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Road/Highway Pages Weather-related Pages Picture Pages
Magnolia Meanderings, the Highways and Byways of Mississippi

Freeways of the Deep South

Twin Cities Highways

Fictional Freeways

Highway Heaven

Virginia Highways Project

The 12/16/00 Russell-Dalewood (MS) Tornado

The 2/16/01 Starkville (MS) Storm

Froggie's Pics

Weather Pictures

Highway Pictures

Post-Katrina Photos

Hurricane Gustav Photos

Battletech Pages Other Pages
Dropshuttle to Tancredi IV (main Battletech page)

Froggie's Aerotech 2 Depot

Jumpship to the front (Battletech links)


Froggie's Blog (website announcements will be made here)

Froggie's Hikes and Rides

The "Lower 60" (GIS-type project)

Meaghan's Page

Superhighway On-ramp (Interesting Links)

8 February, 2010

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