A long time ago, in an Occupation Zone far, far, away...




(A satirical mixture of Star Wars and the Battletech Universe)

Episode 4
A New Hope


It is a period of civil war.  Combine Dropships, striking from a hidden
 base, have won their first victory against the evil Clan Empire.


During the battle, Word of Blake spies managed to steal secret plans to
 the Clanner's ultimate weapon, the Leviathan, an armored space station
 with enough power to destroy an entire Galaxy.


Pursued by the Watch's sinister agents, Princess Yvonne races home
 aboard her starship, custodian of the stolen plans that can save her
 people and restore freedom to the Inner Sphere...


Cast of Characters includes:

Victor Steinerhopper
Princess Yvonne
Obi-wan Focht
Han Sortek
Lando Sandoval
Wedge Allard-Liao
Ulric Dodonna
Ackbar Beresick
Yoda Leroux, the Jedi Master


The Bounty Hunter
Liao the Hutt
Darth Kerensky

....and Emperor Waterly

(More to follow.)

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