Other Asia Pics

Hong Kong liberty  Standing on a "liberty boat" (what we took between the ship and the pier) in Hong Kong harbor.  Taken spring, 1995.

Foggy Victoria Peak  On Hong Kong Island, looking from the harbor just before sunrise.

Froggie chilling in a speedboat  On occasion, we'd luck out and get one of the "officer's" speedboats going between the pier and the ship.  This one was at Pattaya Beach, Thailand, in spring, 1995.

Golfing in Thailand  Same Thailand port visit, playing golf with a couple co-workers.

Diamond Head  Looking at it from Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, HI.  June, 1996.

Public transportation in the rural Philippines

A paved road in the rural Philippines  A little farther down the road from the bus.

Gate between Macau and China  Taken spring, 1997.

Yours truly in front of the gate

Ruins of an old cathedral in Macau  This site dates from the early days of Portugese colonization.  Eventually, after the cathedral was destroyed for the third time many years back, they decided to just leave the site be.

Me in front of the ruins

A shot of Macau, with part of China seen across the river.

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