Mississippi Pics

My portrait  March, 1998, shortly after I arrived at NAS Meridian.

My car  October, 1998.  The building that my office is in is in the background.

Mardi Gras parade  A view from one of Biloxi's Mardi Gras parades in 1999.

In the Office sometime in 1999.

The Water Tower at NAS Meridian.

Crash 1  Late July, 1999.   After the accident I had.  This is the rear left tire.  Notice the unusual angle.

Crash 2  The right front tire.   This is pretty much what I hit the hill with.  Shredded the tire and my front bumper.

Crash 3  Rear side.  Can't really see the bumper damage (on the far left), but the muffler is easily apparent.

Courthouse Blvd Pier in Gulfport, MS, November 1998.

Courthouse Blvd Pier   Damaged section, one legacy from Hurricane Georges.

Courthouse Blvd Pier  Me at the end of the pier.

Low tide in Gulfport, MS.

Sunrise at NAS Meridian

Sunset at NAS Meridian

Climbing a man-made rock during a festival at Bonita Lakes Park in Meridian, early November 2000.

Climbing a rock #2  Ringing the bell at the top.

Climbing a rock #3  Coming back down...coulda just jumped, but figured I'd get some exercise.

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