Ship Pics

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Golfing off the fantail during a steel beach picnic, somewhere in the Pacific

USS Arizona Memorial  Front of the Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor, HI.  Taken June, 1996.

USS Arizona Memorial  Parts of the submerged ship that can be seen at and below the surface.

USS Arizona Memorial  A stone wall honoring those who went down with the ship.

USS Independence  On Pier 12 at Naval Station Yokosuka, Japan.  This is where the ship was homeported during my 3 years onboard.

USS Independence  Anchored in Hong Kong

USS Independence  Anchored in Pattaya Beach, Thailand

C-2A Greyhound  Landing on the Indy.  Don't believe the "experts".  THIS is the most important plane in the fleet.   Why?  It brings the mail.  :o)

Steel Beach Picnic  On occasion, we'd take a day off while at sea and throw a party on the flight deck.

USS Alabama  Looking back from the bow

USS Alabama  Me, contemplating the good reasons why I didn't become a gunner's mate.

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