TalkNet Fest 11

For the uninitiated, "Talknet" refers to the long-standing online forums (but gone as of 2006) that ware part of the Virginian Pilot's website, now a part of Hampton Roads Online.  A "TalkNet Fest" is a gathering of the "regulars" that frequent these forums.

TalkNet Fest 11 was held on 11/21/04 at the Scottish American Pub in Virginia Beach.  These photos were all taken by Archie (except the one of him...probably by Randy or Gary), and he has already made apologies on the photo quality (I knew I should've turned my camera on...).

Although the photos are Archie's, the commentary is mine:

Roger pondering a thought.
Stacey and Henry, longtime regulars of Talknet, gear up for the discussion.
Me, Ethan, and Brian.  Archie accuses of us of being "normal posters" at times...
Norma trying to hide her football affiliation.
Randy at his "second home".
Gary, a relative lurker on Talknet, at his first Talknet Fest.
The "Human Being Extraordinaire" himself, receiving a photo with his own camera.
Reid, fashionably late, had to get his own drinks.
It's Reid...what more can we say...
Brian, Reid, and Stacey.  God knows what got under Brian...
Henry ponders his next retort to Brian as Norma looks on.
Everyone looking at Brian as he rails on the bus (pun intended).
Now it's Henry's turn.  Supporting that BRT is really getting back to you, huh Henry?
Thankfully, cool heads prevail at these Talknet Fests.
Group photo shot up the table.
Randy and Gary share a thought as I stir mine...
Yes, believe it or not, Reid doesn't just talk....he listens too.  Sometimes.

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