(Unsigned) Alabama State Highway 3

Southern Terminus

Northern Terminus

At US 90 in Mobile, AL

At I-65 near Ardmore, AL

Southern Terminus

AL 3 is the hidden designation for what is signed as US 31 through Alabama.  This is the southern terminus of the two routes at US 90 in Spanish Fort, AL.  Photo by Alex Nitzman.

A broader view of the intersection as seen from US 31/AL 3.  This also shows a "Bridge Out" on US 90.  A bridge on US 90 over US 98 beyond the hill was being replaced at the time of this photograph.  Photo by Ed Wilson, taken February 2002.

A right turn from westbound US 90 brings you onto US 31/AL 3 in this south approach to the terminus.  Photo by Alex Nitzman, taken August 22, 2001.

Northern Terminus

No photographs available.

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