Alabama State Highway 188

Western Terminus:

At I-10 in Grand Bay, AL

Eastern Terminus:

At AL 193 near Heron Bay, AL

Western Terminus

End signage, just north of the I-10 interchange.  The road continues ahead as Mobile CR 11.  Photo by Alex Nitzman, taken December 17, 2002.

Eastbound guide signage on I-10 at the interchange.  Guide signage in the westbound direction is fairly similar.  Photo by Adam Froehlig, taken in 2001.

Eastern Terminus

Eastbound at the terminus at AL 193.  No end signage was present.  The toll ferry sign refers to the ferry route between Dauphin Island and Fort Morgan, across the south end of Mobile Bay.  Photo by Alex Nitzman, taken August 9, 2002.

A close-up of signage along northbound AL 193.  Notice that both routes are considered "hurricane evacuation routes".  Photo by Alex Nitzman, taken in October, 1999.

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Last Updated:  October 15, 2006

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