Arkansas Highway Scenes

These photos are of various locations in Arkansas.  All photos were taken by the webmaster.

Two views approaching Memphis (and departing Arkansas) along the I-40 Hernando DeSoto Bridge.  Photos taken June 29, 2004.
Approaching the southern end of I-530 along northbound US 65, southeast of Pine Bluff.  Photo taken in 1999.
First set of reassurance shields along I-530, while still within the interchange at US 65 and several other routes.  US 63 has been added to this segment since this photo was taken.  Photo taken in 1999.
A rare case of a county road pentagon shield showing up on an Arkansas guide sign.  This is on northbound I-530/US 65 between Pine Bluff and Little Rock.  Photo taken in 1999.
Odd combination guide sign for the AR 1 interchange along eastbound I-40.  Photo taken in 2000.
A bunch of shields, including I-40 with the state name.  Photo taken in 2000.
There's an unmarked route that serves in part as a connector between US 412 and US 49/AR 1 in Paragould.  This is the east end of that connector, at US 49/AR 1.  Photo taken in 2000.
Northern terminus of US 49 at US 62 in Piggott.  AR 1 continues and turns right to duplex with US 62.  Photo taken in 2000.
Another view of US 49's northern terminus, as seen from a parking lot in the northeast quadrant of the intersection.  Photo taken in 2000.
AR 119's northern terminus in Rector, as seen from southbound US 49.  Photo taken July 30, 2005.
Waiting for a Union Pacific train along southbound US 49 near Marmaduke.  Photo taken July 30, 2005.
US 82/278 shields, just after crossing the Mississippi River southwest of Greenville, MS.  Photo taken in 1999.
Westbound AR 90 at its junction with AR 139 North.  AR 90 and AR 139 duplex for a brief distance.  Photo taken July 30, 2005.
AR 139 South turns off of westbound AR 90 here.  Photo taken July 30, 2005.
A combination right-curve/T-intersection sign on westbound AR 90's approach to US 49.  What's strange is the signs on each side are not in unison.  Photo taken July 30, 2005.
Westbound AR 90 at US 49/AR 1.  AR 90 turns left here as part of a US 49/AR 1/AR 90 triplex.  Photo taken July 30, 2005.

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