U.S. Highway 165 in Arkansas

These photos are of various locations along US 165 in Arkansas.  All photos were taken by the webmaster (Adam Froehlig).

Arkansas signs all their connector routes to airports as "AR 980", with a blue shield.  This one is somewhere along US 165 in the southeastern part of the state.  Photo taken in 2000.
Northbound at the junction with BUSINESS US 82 (signed US 82B) in Montrose.  Photo taken in 2000.
A set of US 65/165/278 reassurance shields, somewhere between Dermott and McGehee.  Photo taken in 1999.
This is where US 278 turns off from US 65/165 in McGehee.  The traffic signal pictured here (including the vertical 5-lens light) is what appears to be the Arkansas standard.  Photo taken in 1999.
US 165 BUSINESS shield near Gillett.  Photo taken in 2000.
AR 1 BUSINESS and AR 130 shields in DeWitt.  Photo taken in 2000.

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