Connecticut State Highway 15

These photos were from a trip along northbound CT 15 along its Merritt Parkway segment.  All photos were taken by the webmaster (Adam Froehlig) on January 3, 2001, in conjunction with Doug Kerr of Gribblenation.

Advance guide signage for the CT 137 exit.  Notice the older-style shield for CT 137.
Overhead guide sign approaching the partial interchange with US 7.
  Advance guide sign for the CT 33 exit.  As with the CT 137 sign, this one has an older-style shield.
Advance guide sign for the CT 58 exit.  Notice the "teeth" along the sides of the signs.
Overhead guide signs at the CT 25 interchange.  CT 25 is a freeway in this area.
Guide sign for the exit ramp to CT 8 North.
Overhead sign for the exit to the "Milford Connector", which connects the Merritt Pkwy (CT 15) to I-95 and US 1 at Milford.  As with the CT 58 exit signage, this overhead sign has jagged "teeth" along the sides.


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