Interstate 380 in Iowa

These photos are from various locations along the I-380 corridor in Iowa.  Unless otherwise noted, all photos were taken by the webmaster (Adam Froehlig) on April 22, 2003.

Northbound I-380 in rural Benton County, near Urbana.
Overhead BGS at the interchange with US 30/151.  Northbound US 218 leaves I-380 and follows US 30/151 to the west here.  Note the different shield styles on the BGS.  The shields on the Exit 16B BGS are an "Iowa standard", while the shields on the Exit 16A BGS are more in line with FHWA standards.
Normally 65 MPH, the speed limit on I-380 drops to 55 MPH through Cedar Rapids.
Crossing the Cedar River near downtown Cedar Rapids.
Northbound I-380 at the interchange with IA 100 in northern Cedar Rapids.  The I-380/IA 100 interchange is called a "volleyball" interchange by some.  A "volleyball" interchange is a diamond interchange from both routes, where the ramps from each route intersect with each other and provide the turning movements.
Northbound I-380 in rural Benton County, near Urbana.
A set of I-380/US 20 reassurance shields near the start of their north/westbound duplex.  Note the narrow font used for the I-380 shield.  Photo taken prior to 2002.
A set of I-380/US 20 trailblazers at the Elk Run Heights interchange, near Waterloo.  Note the different font width as compared to the above photo.  Photo taken prior to 2002.
The eastern I-380/US 20 interchange.  I-380 takes a turn to the west here, and is duplexed with US 20 westward towards the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area.
I-380 splits off of US 20 here and continues north with US 218 into Waterloo.  The Avenue of the Saints corridor follows US 20 west.

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