Iowa Highway Scenes

This page documents photos from various locations in Iowa.  All photos were taken by the webmaster.

Southbound I-29 reassurance shield with the state name.  Photo taken July 29, 2000.
Southbound I-29 at its junction with US 77 in Sioux City.  This junction is a 3-level diamond interchange, also called a volleyball interchange by some.  Photo taken July 29, 2000.
Eastbound along the I-29/I-80 duplex in Council Bluffs.  Photo taken July 29, 2000.
I-35/US 18 reassurance shields on their short duplex near Clear Lake.  Since this photo was taken, an IA 27 reassurance shield has also appeared here.  Photo taken prior to 2003.
The first of three photos showing construction of the now-completed US 20 freeway in eastern Grundy County.  Shown here is County Road T55 in Dike, which has an interchange with the new freeway.  Photo taken July 14, 2000.
Looking westbound from an overpass near Dike.  Photo taken July 14, 2000.
Same overpass, this time looking eastbound.  Photo taken July 14, 2000.
Overhead signage on westbound US 20, at the interchange where I-380 merges in.  Photo taken January 7, 2001.
Northbound US 52's narrow crossing of the Mississippi River.  This old bridge features steel overhead truss, a steel grate deck, and a 25 MPH speed limit.  Photo taken prior to 2002.

Two vantage points showing where US 52 turns off of IA 64 just west of the Mississippi River, with US 67 ending at the same intersection.  Photos taken prior to 2002.

These two photos show traffic signals along what was then US 218 through Waverly, now BUSINESS US 218 with the Waverly Bypass completed.  Photos taken in Summer, 1998.
This was the south end of IA 386 as it existed at US 52/IA 3.  This intersection was later realigned and IA 386 subsequently decommissioned in 2003.  Photo taken in January, 2001.
A guide sign along CR V18 near Alta Vista in far northern Chickasaw County.  Of note are the dual mileage-kilometer distances and the green-color shield for US 63.  Photo taken July 24, 2002.
This interesting 4-way stop sign was found in Gilman.  Photo taken January 10, 2001.
Something I've not often found.  I was on a rural gravel road near Le Grand, and discovered that it had signals and gates where it crossed a busy railroad.  Photo taken January 10, 2001.

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