U.S. Highway 18 in Iowa

These photos are from various locations along the US 18 corridor in Iowa.  Unless otherwise noted, all photos were taken by the webmaster (Adam Froehlig) on April 22, 2003.

Eastbound US 18 crossing the Mississippi River on a VERY nice and wide 2-lane bridge.  Photo taken in September, 1999.
This is where US 218 splits off of westbound US 18 near Floyd.  At this point, the Avenue of the Saints corridor follows US 18 westward towards Mason City and I-35.
Westbound US 18 at its junction with I-35 at the west end of the Mason City bypass.  This interchange was built as part of the Avenue of the Saints, and features C/D roads along both US 18 (pictured here) and I-35.  The interchange was designed to accommodate a westward expansion...the occasionally-talked-about US 18 Clear Lake bypass.
A little further down, this overhead guide sign is at the split to either direction on I-35.  The original sign did not include the IA 27 shield.

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