U.S. Highway 75 in Iowa

These photos, taken on April 30, 2003, show US 75 primarily in the Sioux City area.

Southbound on US 75 in Le Mars, approaching the intersection with IA 3.
This exit marks the beginning of the relatively-new Sioux City bypass for US 75 traffic.  The segment from US 20 to existing US 75 north of Sioux City was completed in 2003.
As is standard IaDOT practice, there are exit numbers at the interchanges, though the actual number seems out of place, given that US 75 enters Nebraska near here.
This is where US 20 joins up, at what was previously a cloverleaf interchange.  Notice the blank space on the exit BGS.
Exit numbers here conform to US 20, rather than US 75.  The freeway also has auxiliary lanes between interchanges in the segment between US 20 and I-29.
The exit to I-29.  Before the bypass was completed, US 75 follows I-29 south from here after crossing from Nebraska, hence why the extra blank spot on the BGS exists.  Although unsigned here, I-129 continues straight ahead with US 20/75 into Nebraska.
At the split in the ramp to I-29.  The I-29/US 20/US 75 interchange has two semi-directional ramps, the ramp to SB I-29 here being one of them.

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