Kentucky State Highway 2022

These photos follow the narrow, but paved KY 2022 routing through extreme western Perry and extreme southern Owsley Counties.  All were taken by me (Adam Froehlig) in late April, 2003.

After reaching KY 2022 from KY 28 and going through the small hamlet of Buckhorn, one sees this sign warning of a narrow road along virtually all of KY 2022's mileage.  For the most part, the road is 12-16 feet wide...barely one lane.  Also, although I don't have any photos of them, KY 2022 does have mileposts.
KY 2022 parallels Squabble Creek for most of it's northern half.
A view of the creek from an overlooking hill.
Looking at one of the many brooks that cross under KY 2022.
I suppose putting a sign up is easier and/or cheaper than repairing the pavement break.
An abandoned chimney...occasionally seen along the road.
Looking south at the Perry/Owsley County line.  That's my car in the left background.
Just after crossing into Owsley County, one follows through a switchback while heading down a hill.
At the end of the road at KY 484.  KY 484 can be used to connect to KY 1482, which in turn will eventually bring one to US 421/KY 80.

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