Interstate Highway 535

Southern Terminus

Northern Terminus

WI/MN State Line at Duluth, MN At I-35/US 53 in Duluth, MN

Southern Terminus

Heading across the Blatnik Bridge into Wisconsin. Photo by Monte Castleman, taken July, 2002.

Also on the Blatnik Bridge, this time on the Wisconsin side heading towards Duluth. Photo author unknown.

Northern Terminus

This is where northbound I-535 splits into the ramps to northbound I-35 and southbound I-35/northbound US 53.  Photo by Monte Castleman, taken July, 2002.

Sign bridge on southbound US 53 while bridging over I-35. This is where I-535 begins heading southbound towards Superior, WI, duplexed with US 53 its entire length. Photo by Jeff Royston, taken July, 2002.

Excellent viewpoint from the bluffs overlooking lower Duluth. The interchange in the bottom right is the "Can of Worms Interchange", where I-535 junctions with I-35 and US 53. Photo by Monte Castleman, taken July, 2002.

I-535 at the AARoads Interstate Gallery

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