Minnesota Highway 65


Southern Terminus

Northern Terminus

Southern Leg At I-35W in Minneapolis, MN** At 4th-5th Aves/10th St in Minneapolis, MN**
Northern Leg At 3rd Ave/Washington Ave in Minneapolis, MN** At US 71 in Littlefork, MN

** - In 2005, MN 65 was eliminated from the segment between 10th St and 3rd Ave/Washington Ave in downtown Minneapolis.  The freeway spur from I-35W to 10th St officially remains part of MN 65.  MN 65 will possibly be further truncated to I-694 sometime in the next 5 years.

Southern Terminus, Southern Leg

At the northbound I-35W/MN 65 split.  MN 65 is used to access I-94 West and downtown from northbound I-35W.  Photo by Adam Froehlig, taken June 21, 2004.
About a year later, the MN 65 shield was removed, as MN 65 was eliminated through downtown Minneapolis in 2005.  The freeway stub from I-35W to 10th St is still officially part of MN 65, but as the lack of signage indicates it is now a hidden route segment.  Photo by Glenn Olson, taken in July, 2005.

END signage for southbound MN 65, on the overpass over I-94 and about 1/3 mile before the merge into southbound I-35W.  Photo by Glenn Olson, taken August 31, 2001.

Southern Terminus, Northern Leg

Eastbound along Washington Ave at 3rd Ave in downtown Minneapolis.  To the left along 3rd Ave is where MN 65 now continues, having been gapped from here south (straight ahead) through downtown.  Photo by Adam Froehlig.

Northern Terminus, Northern Leg

Approaching MN 65's north end at US 71.  Photo by Monte Castleman, taken May, 2003.

This closer view shows the intersection itself.  Photo by Monte Castleman, taken May, 2003.

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