Minnesota Highway 251

Western Terminus

Eastern Terminus

At I-35 in Clarks Grove, MN At US 218 north of Austin, MN

Western Terminus

Looking west on the overpass.  Just west of here was the former western terminus at then-US 65, prior to I-35's construction.  Photo by Monte Castleman.

END signage at the I-35 interchange.  The road continues west as Freeborn CSAH 31, which eventually junctions with MN 13 south of Hartland.  Photo by Monte Castleman.

Guide signage at the northbound I-35 exit.  Photo by Adam Froehlig, taken April 22, 2003.

Eastern Terminus

Eastern terminus at US 218.  Photo by Monte Castleman.

Close-up of END signage at the intersection.  Notice MnDOT's standard use of a 2dus-sized US shield.  Photo by Monte Castleman.

Here's the view from southbound US 218.  Photo by Adam Froehlig, taken June 28, 2004.

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Last Updated:  June 25, 2005

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