U.S. Highway 8


Western Terminus

Eastern Terminus

Minnesota At I-35 in Forest Lake, MN MN/WI State Line at Taylor's Falls, MN
Nationally At I-35 in Forest Lake, MN At US 2 in Norway, MI

Western Terminus

US 8 begins at a half-interchange with I-35.  There are long-term plans for a full interchange here.  Aerial view is from 2003 National Agricultural Imagery Program imagery.

Northbound on I-35 at the exit to US 8 in Forest Lake.  Photo by Monte Castleman.

Eastern Terminus

US 8 crosses the St. Croix River between Taylors Falls, MN (on the left) and St Croix Falls, WI (on the right).  The MN/WI state line follows the St Croix River here.  Aerial view is from 2003 National Agricultural Imagery Program imagery.

Partial view of the US 8/MN 95 intersection in Taylor's Falls.  The bridge in the background is the St. Croix River crossing, which also marks the Minnesota/Wisconsin state line.  Photo by Monte Castleman.

Former Western Terminus

US 8 originally ended at US 61 in Forest Lake.  In 1931, it was extended into downtown Minneapolis, to end here at 3rd Ave and Washington Ave.  At the time, US 12/52 ran along Washington, and US 65 ran on the other side of 3rd Ave and also ended here.  Today, only MN 65 goes through this intersection.  Photo by Adam Froehlig.

In 1978, with ongoing construction and completion of I-35W, US 8 was truncated from downtown Minneapolis to this point, the I-35W/New Brighton Blvd interchange, though sources are unclear as to whether US 8 actually terminated here or terminated at the E. Broadway/New Brighton Blvd intersection 1/4 mile behind this location.  Either way, this terminus was short-lived, as in 1981, it was truncated yet again to its current terminus in Forest Lake.

US 8 at US Highway Ends

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