Minnesota State Highway 36

Western Terminus

Eastern Terminus

At I-35W in Roseville, MN MN/WI State Line at Stillwater, MN

These photographs document various aspects of MN 36.

Terminus Photos

The split from northbound I-35W.  Photo by Don Greiskalns.

Looking east at the Historic Stillwater Lift Bridge towards Wisconsin.  MN 36 becomes WI 64 on the bridge.  There is a lot of controversy surrounding a planned replacement bridge to the south (downriver).  Photo by Don Greiskalns.

A sideways view of the Lift Bridge.  Photo by Adam Froehlig.

Other Photos

This is the first eastbound BGS, after the split with I-35W.  Photo by Don Greiskalns.

An eastbound distance BGS in Roseville.  The street on the overpass is Hamline Ave.  Photo by Don Greiskalns.
At the cloverleaf with US 61.  This is the easternmost part of the freeway portion of MN 36.  Photo by Don Greiskalns.
The lanes for northbound I-35W and eastbound MN 36 briefly split at MN 280, then remerge before splitting again at MN 36's actual terminus.  Photo by Don Greiskalns.
The westbound lanes at Fairview Ave, approaching the western terminus at I-35W.  Photo by Don Greiskalns.
Closer view of the guide sign in the above photo.  Photo by Don Greiskalns.
After crossing the Stillwater Lift Bridge, MN 36 turns left and follows MN 95 briefly before continuing west towards the Twin Cities.  Photo by Don Greiskalns.

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