U.S./Minnesota Highway 169 near Virginia, MN

These photographs, courtesy of Jody Aho unless otherwise noted, reflect the mystery between where US 169 ends and MN 169 begins.

This one is on US 169 headed north (actually east) in Virginia, approaching the US 53 interchange. Both US 169 and US 53 are 4-lane divided expressway with a combination of at-grade and interchange access.
On the US 169 overpass going over US 53, about to turn onto northbound US 53. Note there is no "END US 169" sign...as none have been found...but US 169 is directed north with US 53.  This is odd, considering that MnDOT's Route Log indicates that US 169 ends here.
At the junction of St. Louis County Highway 102 headed north.  Note both US 53 and US 169 signed on the signal mast and on the side of the road.  Note, too, the mileage sign just beyond giving mileage to MN 169, and the small white marker way off in the distance.  Another oddity:  according to some official MnDOT maps, this intersection is where US 169 transitions into MN 169.
Distance sign (from the above picture) to MN 169 and International Falls.
Remember the small white marker way off in the distance at the stoplight? Here's the close-up.  Only US 53 is signed here.
Now we see the multiplex signed again as we enter Wuori Township, just north of the Virginia city limits.
At the Laurentian Divide, we approach the split of US 53 and now-signed MN 169. International Falls and Ely, respectively, are control destinations. Again, no "END US 169".

This is where MN 169 actually splits off from US 53.  A recent project constructed a trumpet interchange here and extended the 4-lane on US 53 a couple miles further north.  Photo by Monte Castleman.
We're clearly on MN 169 now. This picture is the first MN 169 marker headed north, taken at the junction with St. Louis County Highway 303 just past Mile 371. The mile markers on MN 169 continue the US 169 mileage from the Iowa line.

This picture is at the US 53/MN 169 junction headed south. Note the reappearance of a US 169 marker.  According to an E-mail I received from MnDOT, this is the beginning of US 169 southbound.
Here's a closer view of the distance sign in the above (southbound) picture.
Now we're southbound at St. Louis County 102.  Note that US 169 is on the overhead mast, but no reassurance shield.

US 169 at US Highway Ends
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