Mississippi State Highway Endings

An addition to my US Highway Endings, this site documents photographs of the ends of Mississippi state highways.  If you have any endings that I'm missing, feel free to contribute them.

Light Blue highlight indicates a 1/2-digit Route.
Light Purple highlight indicates a MS 1xx or 2xx series (former US highway routing).
Light Yellow highlight indicates a 3-digit Route.
Light Pink highlight indicates a "Hidden Route" that is actually signed.
Green highlight indicates a photograph on this site.
No highlight indicates no photograph.  If you have one for a location I'm missing, please send it.

Updated 06/29/02: added photo for MS 614.

Updated 06/04/02: added pages for MS 50, MS 373, added photos for MS 149.

Updated 04/15/02: added pages for MS 149, MS 589, MS 590, MS 598.
added photos to MS 25, MS 198.

Updated 04/11/02: added photos to MS 15, MS 21, MS 39, and MS 198.

Updated 03/24/02: added page for MS 42, MS 67, added photos for MS 15, MS 57.

MS Highway Route South or West Terminus North or East Terminus
15 (Southern) Biloxi, MS E of Wiggins, MS
15 (Northern) Beaumont, MS TN State Line
16 Grace, MS AL State Line
18 (Western) Port Gibson, MS Jackson, MS
18 (Eastern) Brandon, MS AL State Line
19 SE of Meridian, MS West, MS
21 Forest, MS Shuqualak, MS
25 Jackson, MS TN State Line
26 LA State Line Lucedale, MS
28 Fayette, MS Laurel, MS
39 Meridian, MS Shuqualak, MS
42 NW of New Hebron, MS AL State Line
50 (Western) Walthall, MS Columbus, MS
50 (Eastern) Columbus, MS AL State Line
57 Gautier, MS State Line, MS
63 Pascagoula, MS Waynesboro, MS
67 Woolmarket, MS Saucier, MS
76 W of Pontotoc, MS NE of Pontotoc, MS
145 (Clarke/Lauderdale) NE of Quitman, MS Meridian, MS
145 (Shuqualak) SE of Shuqualak, MS N of Shuqualak, MS
149 (Mount Olive) S of Mount Olive, MS N of Mount Olive, MS
149 (Magee) Magee, MS N of Sanatorium, MS
149 (D'Lo) E of Mendenhall, MS N of Braxton, MS
198 (Hattiesburg) Western Hattiesburg, MS Central Hattiesburg, MS
198 (Beaumont) W of Beaumont, MS E of Beaumont, MS
198 (McClain) NW of McClain, MS E of McClain, MS
198 (Lucedale) W of Lucedale, MS E of Lucedale, MS
373 Columbus, MS Columbus AFB, MS
388 Brooksville, MS AL State Line
468 Flowood, MS Brandon, MS
469 E of Georgetown, MS SW of Brandon, MS
471 Brandon, MS N of Goshen Springs, MS
475 Whitfield, MS Flowood, MS
489 Lake, MS Union, MS
493 Meridian, MS W of DeKalb, MS
494 Union, MS NW of Meridian, MS
495 Bailey, MS S of Preston, MS
496 E of Meridian, MS AL State Line
498 W of Porterville, MS Porterville, MS
501 W of Sylvarena, MS Forest, MS
510 S of Hiwannee, MS Matherville, MS
511 Quitman, MS SE of Quitman, MS
512 E of Pachuta, MS Quitman, MS
513 Rose Hill, MS Quitman, MS
514 E of Enterprise, MS SE of Clarkdale, MS
584 Liberty, MS Osyka, MS
589 E of Purvis, MS W of Seminary, MS
590 W of Seminary, MS SW of Ellisville, MS
594 SE of Leakesville, MS AL State Line
598 S of Seminary, MS W of Moselle, MS
607 W of Waveland, MS Nicholson, MS
609 Ocean Springs, MS E of D'Iberville, MS
611 Bayou Casotte, MS Pascagoula, MS
612 S of Lucedale, MS AL State Line
613 Pascagoula, MS Lucedale, MS
614 Wade, MS AL State Line
792 NE of Crawford, MS E of Brooksville, MS

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