US Highway 45 in Mississippi

Photos are roughly organized by location from south to north.  Unless otherwise noted, all photos were taken by the webmaster.

What used to be the Mississippi welcome sign on northbound US 45 after crossing the state line from Alabama.  Since this photo was taken, this welcome sign has been removed as have several trees and a new US 45/MS 42 intersection built in this vicinity as part of the State Line Bypass project.  Photo by Alex Nitzman, taken in February, 2002.
At the time of this photo, US 45 was routed onto the completed northbound lanes from north of Waynesboro to Hiwannee.  Photo taken in 2000.
About the only places where you will see No Passing Zone signs in Mississippi is in certain road paving projects in Mississippi, such as this one on old US 45 (now MS 145) in Clarke County.
Northbound US 45, near the south end of the Meridian bypass.
Sign gantry for southbound US 45 at I-20/I-59.
Southbound US 45 between Marion and Lauderdale.  It had just rained, and the "steam" coming off the pavement is rapid evaporation.
The new, northbound split between US 45 and ALT US 45 in Brooksville.  Photo taken in 2000.
US 388???  Photo taken in 1999.
The correct signage.  MS 388 has been extended a short ways west to serve as the connection between North US 45 and North ALT US 45.  This is on the north end of Brooksville.  Photo taken in 1999.
Sign on ALT US 45 south of Tupelo.
Overhead guide signage at the US 45/US 78 cloverleaf in Tupelo.  Not quite Interstate-standard, but definately better than a wire-hung sign, which is what used to be here.  This signage was replaced in 2001 with Interstate-standard signage.  Photo taken in 1999.
US 45, approaching the TN/MS border.   Guess which state I'm about to enter...:o)  Photo taken in 1999.

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