Western Mississippi Bridge Scenes

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Westbound approaching the Mississippi River bridge at Natchez.  The eastbound span is the newer span, built during the 1980s.   Note that US 98 is signed here, even though it is supposed to end at Bude, MS.

Another view of the Natchez bridge.  (Photo by Sandor Gulyas)

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The OLD Vicksburg Bridge, which used to carry US 80 across the Mississippi.  Above the trees to the left is the topmost superstructure of the I-20 bridge.

Pic from up the hill showing the toll booth for the old Vicksburg Bridge.  Both the old bridge and the I-20 bridge are in the left background.  I was standing about where the blue pickup truck is when I took the below pic. (This photo by Sandor Gulyas)

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Old signs and plaques for the Vicksburg Bridge.  The bridge was bought by Warren County, MS in 1947.  Notice the width sign.

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An okay view of the two bridges standing side by side.  No vehicular traffic is allowed on the old bridge, although it is still used by the railroad.  All vehicles are to use the I-20 bridge.

A closer view of the I-20 bridge mentioned above.  There are no shoulders on the river part of the bridge, but lanes are full width.  (Photo by Sandor Gulyas)

Here's the underside of the US 82 bridge near Greenville.  This is from the Arkansas side.

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