U.S. Highway 74 in North Carolina

This page details views from along US 74 in North Carolina, and in particular the Nantahala Gorge area.  Unless otherwise noted, all photos were taken by the webmaster in late November, 1999.

Reassurance shields denoting the triplex of US 23, US 74, and TRUCK US 64, somewhere between Waynesville and Sylva.

The Great Smokey Mountains Expressway is the name given to the upgraded sections of US 74 in western North Carolina.

Warning sign cautioning drivers that they're entering the Nantahala Gorge area.

Three photos from within the Nantahala Gorge area.

A little further southwest, the roadway opens up a little bit.  Notice the dedicated bicycle lane.

Looking at the eastern US 19/US 74/US 129 junction at Topton, as seen from southbound US 129.

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