North Dakota Highway Scenes

These photos are from various locations in and near Fargo, ND.  All photos were taken by the webmaster.

A "next 3 exits" distance sign on eastbound I-94 approaching the Fargo area.  Photo taken in mid-1999.
Advance guide sign along eastbound I-94 for the BUSINESS US 81 exit in Fargo.  I-94 is 6 lanes between I-29 and US 75.  Photo taken in mid-1999.
Westbound US 10 ends at an interchange with I-94 near West Fargo.  Photo taken in mid-1999.
Eastbound ND 46 at the western junction with ND 18.  Richland CR 23 goes to the right.  Photo taken August 3, 2005.
A Cass CR 28 blue pentagon shield in West Fargo.  Photo taken in mid-1999.

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