New Jersey Highway Scenes

Various photos from various locations across the Garden State.  All photos were taken by the webmaster.  Unless specifically noted, all photos were taken between late 1999 and early 2001.

Eastbound on I-78 at Exit 24, 2 exits before I-287.  Photo taken November 23, 1999.
Overhead signage on eastbound I-78, approaching the I-287 interchange.  Photo taken November 23, 1999.
Overhead signage approaching the Local/Express split on eastbound I-78 near Springfield.  Notice the unused portion of the overhead.  Photo taken November 23, 1999.
This is on eastbound I-78, between NJ 24 and the Garden State Parkway.  Reassurance shields along this stretch have the Local or Express banner, to denote which set of lanes one is in.  Photo taken November 23, 1999.
An old overhead after passing through the Holland Tunnel, where westbound I-78 and NJ 139 split.

Westbound I-195 where it ends at I-295 and becomes NJ 29.  Photo taken in late November, 1999.

Interstate shields in New Jersey typically have the state name above the route number, as in this example.

Another example of the state name within the Interstate shield.
Guide signage at US 1 near Trenton, where NB I-95 transitions to SB I-295.  Photo taken November 24, 1999.
Northbound on US 1/9 at the end of the local/express lane split.  The local lanes continue to the NJ Turnpike, while US 1/9 continues to the Pulaski Skyway, which is on the bridge in the background.  Photo taken in late November, 1999.
An exit in the median, near the east end of the Pulaski Skyway.  Photo taken in late November, 1999.
Here's an abandoned bridge along US 22 west of Newark Int'l Airport.  The sign on the far right says "Entering City of Newark".  This is also about where the Union/Essex County line is.
Overhead guide sign on a short stub of US 206 freeway that serves as a bypass of Netcong.
Southbound US 206 takes a right turn here in Princeton, while a left turn brings one onto NJ 27.  Photo taken August 31, 2001.
This view of the same intersection is from the northbound direction on NJ 206.  Photo taken August 31, 2001.
A ghost overhead along the westbound NJ 24 freeway.
A CR 1 shield in Monmouth County.  Photo taken January 2, 2001.

Interesting stoplight in Morristown.   Notice the red arrows, and that they are angled diagonally.  Photo taken in 2000.

Doghouse-style traffic signals are not very common in New Jersey.  This example is at Centennial Ave/South Ave in Cranford.  Photo taken in 2000.

This is looking across the runways from the terminal at Newark Int'l Airport, with the former World Trade Center towers are in the far background.  The bridge in the background is the Newark Bay Bridge, which carries I-78 and the NJ Turnpike extension.  Although not visible in this photo, I-95 and the NJ Turnpike run on the far edge of the airport property.  Photo taken in May, 2000.

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