Texas Highway Scenes

These photos were taken mostly around the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex on a trip in 2000.  Unless otherwise noted, all photos were taken by the webmaster in August, 2000.

Eastbound I-20 shield, including the state name.  This was somewhere east of Terrell.
First of 5 photos along westbound I-30.  This is a view of the stack interchange at I-635.
A blurry, distant view of the Dallas skyline. This image also shows part of the movable median barrier used for the I-30 "zipper lane".
Westbound I-30 at the interchange with I-45 and US 75 near downtown Dallas.
First of two stack interchanges between I-30 and the I-820 loop around Fort Worth.  This image is in eastern Fort Worth.
The other interchange with I-820 in western Fort Worth.
Eastbound I-30 at the exit to US 80 in eastern Dallas.  This is also the western terminus of US 80.
Northbound on I-35W, where US 287 splits off northwest towards Wichita Falls.  This is also US 81's southern terminus.
Northbound where I-45 ends and US 75 begins at I-30, near downtown Dallas.
Now looking southbound at overhead signage approaching the same interchange at I-30/I-45/US 75.
Southbound on US 69/US 75 entering Texas, near Denison.
Eastbound US 80 at the stack interchange with I-635 in Mesquite.
Northbound US 81/US 287 shields, just northwest of I-35W.
Eastbound US 175 begins as a ramp from southbound I-45, just southeast of downtown Dallas.  US 175 briefly follows the route of the old "Central Expressway" southeast of downtown.
First reassurance shield on eastbound US 175, near the M.L. King Jr Blvd overpass.
The eastern terminus of US 380 is at I-30 in Greenville.  This is the first westbound reassurance shield, duplexed with US 69.
Eastbound on the unsigned TX 366, which forms the northern leg of a freeway loop around downtown Dallas.
A bunch of trailblazers at a junction in Greenville.
Southbound FM 294 at the Carson/Armstrong County line, east of Amarillo.  Photo taken July 31, 2005.

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