U.S. Highway 61

Southern Terminus

Northern Terminus

At US 90 in New Orleans, LA

At I-35 in Wyoming, MN

Southern Terminus

No photographs available.

Northern Terminus

3 miles north of US 8's national western terminus is thus blurred photo of US 61's national northern terminus, as seen from northbound I-35.  Interchange reconstruction was underway at the time.  Photo by Adam Froehlig.

Blurry shot of US 61's (current) northern end at I-35 in Wyoming, MN.  The section between here and downtown St. Paul will likely be decommissioned in the near future, pushing US 61's northern end down to I-94.  Photo by Adam Froehlig.

US 61's recently reconstructed northern end at I-35 in Wyoming, MN.  The road continues past I-35 as Chisago CSAH 22.  Photo by Monte Castleman, taken June, 2002.

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Last Updated:  August 30, 2004

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