U.S. Highways 89/91 in Utah

This set of 2005 summer vacation photos follows northbound US 89/91, from I-15 near Brigham City and through the Wellsville Mountains to Logan.  The photos are shown in the order they were taken (as we proceeded north).  All photos were taken by the webmaster on August 2, 2005.  Click on a thumbnail for a larger image.

On the short standalone segment of US 91, between I-15 and US 89 South/UT 13 in Brigham City.
Barely a mile east of I-15, US 89 joins the nascent US 91.  UT 13 follows the Interstate business routes into Brigham City proper.

Passing through Box Elder Canyon then bypassing Mantua.
A sign warning of deer, north of Mantua.

Passing through Sardine Summit and entering Cache County.

Passing through hill cuts and a long downhill grade north of Mantua.

Entering and passing through Wellsville Canyon.
Now into the Cache Valley, with the Bear River Range in the background.  In this photo is UT 23's southern terminus.
UT 101 crosses US 89/US 91 near Wellsville.  In the background is a crossing of some Union Pacific rail tracks.
UT 165's northern terminus, near the southern edge of Logan.

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