Interstate 5 in Washington State

These photos were taken in July, 2006 by Doug Kerr on a trip around the state.  These photos are displayed in order, northbound first then southbound.

Northbound I-5 on the "Interstate Bridge", which crosses the Columbia River and connects Portland, OR to Vancouver, WA.
Northbound overhead signage for the WA 501 exit, a little north of the Interstate Bridge.
Northbound near Kelso and Longview is this exit to WA 432.
Guide signage for a BUSINESS LOOP 5 in Castle Rock.
Near Vader is this pull through control city sign next to a "LANE ENDS" sign.
Northbound near Toledo.  In order here are the 59 Milemarker, exit signage for the WA 506 exit, a bridge over the Cowlitz River, and the exit itself.
Now heading southbound, this is the exit to WA 501 near La Center.
Southbound advance signage for the I-205 split north of Vancouver.


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