Washington State Highway Scenes

These photos were taken in July, 2006 by Doug Kerr, and show various locations in the southwestern part of the state.

US 12 Photos

Eastbound US 12 at the eastern WA 122 terminus just east of Mossyrock.
Eastbound US 12 at WA 7, which heads north towards Tacoma.
An eastbound US 12 shield near Packwood.
Westbound US 12 at WA 131 in Randle.  WA 131 is one of the ways to get to Mt. St. Helens..


Miscellaneous Photos

At the start of the eastern access road to Mt St Helens is this brown sign pointing directions towards US 12 and WA 14.  Included is the error "WA 12" shield, which should be a US shield instead.
East of Cougar is the turnoff to Forest Road 90, which leads to WA 14 at Carson.
Near Yale is this split in WA 503, with the west leg going to I-5 in Woodward and the south leg going towards Battle Ground.
A SPUR WA 503 shield near Cougar.
Eastbound WA 14 in Vancouver, with both a reassurance shield and overhead signage for Exit 1.
Along WA 123 north of US 12.  The white sign in the middle notes which mountain passes are open.
This no-littering sign is pretty typical around southwestern Washington State.  This particular example is in Packwood.



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