Interstate 64 in West Virginia

These photos are from along eastbound I-64, between I-77 near Beckley and WV 311 just west of the Virginia line.  All photos were taken by the webmaster on May 6, 2003.

Still climbing a long multi-mile grade east of the I-64/I-77 junction, while approaching the exit for WV 307.
The rightmost lane splits off into a two-lane ramp at the WV 307 exit.  The next exit is an example of the fractional county routes common in West Virginia.
A few miles further down the road is the CR 27 exit, which also has a truck station due to an upcoming long downgrade.
A large overhead warning sign warning of a winding road and a 5-mile long 7% downgrade, just a little east of Exit 133.
Just past the above warning sign is this sign for Sandstone Mountain.

Two more downgrade photos from somewhere between Sandstone and the Virginia line.  I'm not sure exactly where I was in either.
I-64's last exit in West Virginia is a half-interchange to WV 311, which turns back and forth a couple times between WV 311 and VA 311 just to the south.  Just east of the exit is the Virginia line.

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