Significant 3di routes in Mississippi

This page documents regionally significant 3-digit routes in Mississippi, basically those that rate a black line on the Mississippi State Map or a pink/red line on Rand McNally maps.  I've used a different format than the primary routes, using a table format, due to the large number of routes, though the individual format of each route is basically the same.  Unless otherwise noted, the following routes are 2-lanes and are not NHS.

MS 301 Starting Point #1:   Arkabutla, Tate County
Ending Point #1:
  Tate-DeSoto County line
Starting Point #2:  At MS 304 in Eudora, DeSoto County
Ending Point #2:
  Mississippi-Tennessee state line near Barnesville, MS
Distance:  13.174 miles
Counties:  Tate, DeSoto
ADT (1998):  1,400 to 6,300.
Notes:  7 miles of reconstruction is planned from Eudora north to roughly Landing Rd.
What I'd do:  Get rid of the Tate County section.  It's "locally maintained" anyway.
MS 302 Starting Point:  At US 61 near Walls, DeSoto County
Ending Point:
  At MS 309 in Barton, Marshall County
Distance:  26.12 miles
Counties:  DeSoto, Marshall
NHS:  Entire length
Multilane Sections:  MS 301 east to US 78
ADT (1998):  2,100 to 37,000.
Notes:  MS 302 is a significant route through those DeSoto County communities that comprise the southern part of the Memphis metropolitan area.   As such, it has been designated NHS and is also slated for improvements as part of Mississippi's 1987 Highway Program.  An extension east to US 72 near Mt. Pleasant is proposed as part of this.
The section west of MS 301 to US 61 is slated for 5-laning in FY 2000.
The section east of MS 309 to US 72 is slated for paving in FY 2000.
What I'd do:  Nothing that isn't already planned.
MS 304 Starting Point:  At US 61 near Robinsville, Tunica County
Ending Point:
  At I-55 in Hernando, DeSoto County
Distance:  20.7 miles
Counties:  Tunica, DeSoto, Marshall (proposed)
ADT (1998):  4,300 to 17,000.
Notes:  Big changes are planned for MS 304.  Plans have been finalized for an "outer loop" of the Memphis area, which will include TN 385 from Millington to Arlington to Collierville, and then continue south into Mississippi to near Byhalia then west to US 61 near the Tunica/DeSoto County line.  MDOT has assigned MS 304 to the Mississippi part of this proposed freeway.  Plans are being accelerated for the US 61 to I-55 segment, and that stretch may see construction within the next few years.
This proposed freeway is also being touted as a possible future routing of I-69 around Memphis.
What I'd do:  Nothing that isn't already planned.
MS 305 Starting Point #1:   Teckville, Lafayette County
Ending Point #1:
  At MS 310, Lafayette County
Starting Point #2:  At MS 4 near Crossroad, Tate County
Ending Point #2:
  Mississippi-Tennessee state line in Olive Branch, MS
Distance:  23.262 miles
Counties:  Lafayette, Tate, DeSoto
ADT (1998):  1,600 to 13,000.
Notes:  Overlay planned between MS 4 and MS 306.
What I'd do:  Get rid of the Lafayette County section and widen the section north of US 78.
MS 311 Starting Point:  At MS 7 in Holly Springs, Marshall County
Ending Point:
  At US 72 in Mt. Pleasant, Marshall County
Distance:  12.976 miles
Counties:  Marshall
ADT (1998):  1,300 to 1,700.
Notes:  Not sure why this route rates a black line on MDOT's map.
What I'd do:  Extend it north to Rossville, TN.  The Tennessee section could be an extension of TN 194.
MS 315 Starting Point:  At US 49/61 near Rich, Coahoma County
Ending Point:
  MS 9W in Paris, Lafayette County
Distance:  71.916 miles
Counties:  Coahoma, Quitman, Panola, Lafayette, Yalobusha
Duplexes:  2.5 miles with MS 7 and 0.6 mile with MS 32 in Water Valley
ADT (1998):  280 to 5,700.
Notes:  A decent-length 3XX route.  Some sections are "locally maintained" and may not be signed.  It has a weird routing near Water Valley, duplexing with MS 7 and MS 32, that is actually longer than just going through town on the original route.
What I'd do:  Bring the "locally maintained" sections under "state maintenance", for continuity purposes.  Realign the intersection with US 49/61 to where it forms a 4-way intersection with US 49 North, US 61 North, and US 49/61 South, and build an interchange there (if this isn't being done already).  Move the routing around Water Valley back to the original route through town.
MS 322 Starting Point #1:  At MS 1 in Sherard, Coahoma County
Ending Point #1:
  At US 61 in Clarksdale, Coahoma County
Starting Point #2:  At US 49 near Clarksdale, Coahoma County
Ending Point #2:
  At MS 35 in southern Panola County
Distance:  38.831 miles
Counties:  Coahoma, Quitman, Panola
Duplexes:  3 miles with MS 3 in Quitman County
ADT (1998):  430 to 5,500.
Notes:  Widen and overlay planned for FY 2001 between MS 1 and US 61.
What I'd do:  Duplex it with US 61 and old US 49 in Clarksdale for continuity (if it isn't already).
MS 330 Starting Point:  At I-55 near Tillatoba, Yalobusha County
Ending Point:
  At MS 9/MS 32 East in Bruce, Calhoun County
Distance:  32.595 miles
Counties:  Yalobusha, Calhoun
Duplexes:  3 miles with MS 32 in Calhoun County
ADT (1998):  690 to 4,300.
Notes:  None at present.
What I'd do:  Ditch the duplex with MS 32.  It's unneeded.
MS 371 Starting Point:  At MS 6 near Bigbee, Monroe County
Ending Point:
  At MS 4 at Hobo Station, Prentiss County
Distance:  44.738 miles
Counties:  Monroe, Itawamba, Lee, Prentiss
ADT (1998):  1,100 to 3,700.
Notes:  Connector route between US 45 and MS 25.
What I'd do:  Nothing at present.
MS 397 Starting Point:  At MS 397 near DeKalb, Kemper County
Ending Point:
  At MS 14 in Louisville, Winston County
Distance:  33.748 miles
Counties:  Kemper, Winston
ADT (1998):  780 to 9,900.
Notes:  Overlay planned in Louisville.
What I'd do:  Extend it southeast to connect with MS 39 south of DeKalb as a partial bypass for MS 39 to Louisville traffic.  This would require roughly 3 miles of new construction.
MS 468 Starting Point:  At US 80 in Brandon, Rankin County
Ending Point:
  3 miles north of US 80 on Fannin Road in Pearl, Rankin County
Distance:  17.009 miles
Counties:  Rankin
ADT (1998):  3,800 to 12,000.
Notes:  The northern end is unclear.  One document states the ending point above, while some maps and the STIP mark MS 475 as the ending point.
What I'd do:  Instead of ending at MS 475, I'd extend it north along a new connection to MS 25 about 1/2 mile east of the Pearl River.   Redesignate the MS 469 to Brandon section as an extension of MS 469 and redesignate the MS 475 to MS 469 section as an extension of MS 475.
MS 469 Starting Point:  At MS 28 near Union, Simpson County
Ending Point:
  At MS 468 near Brandon, Rankin County
Distance:  29.257 miles
Counties:  Simpson, Rankin
ADT (1998):  860 to 6,800.
Notes:  Overlay planned from 8 miles north of MS 28 to Simpson/Rankin County line.
What I'd do:  Extend it northeast along existing MS 468 to Brandon.
MS 471 Starting Point:  At US 80 in Brandon, Rankin County
Ending Point:
  At MS 43 near Goshen Springs, Rankin County
Distance:  25.5 miles
Counties:  Rankin
Duplexes:  7.5 miles with MS 25
ADT (1998):  2,400 to 10,000.
Notes:  5-laning planned between US 80 and MS 25 in FY 2001.
What I'd do:  Get rid of the MS 25 duplex and the section between MS 25 and MS 43.
MS 475 Starting Point:  At MS 468 in Whitfield, Rankin County
Ending Point:
  At MS 25 in Flowood, Rankin County
Distance:  6.869 miles
Counties:  Rankin
Multilane Sections:  From I-20 north to MS 25
ADT (1998):  8,300 to 22,000.
Notes:  Odd traffic circle at entrance to Jackson Int'l Airport.  Just west of traffic circle is what appears to be an unfinished half-diamond interchange that MS 475 continues/exits on.
What I'd do:  Extend it southeast to MS 469 along existing MS 468.  Also upgrade the I-20 to Airport section to a 4-lane freeway with interchanges at I-20, US 80, and Airport Rd/Old Brandon Rd.
MS 481 Starting Point:  At MS 35 near Lemon, Smith County
Ending Point:
  At MS 43 near West Leesburg, Rankin County
Distance:  34.109 miles
Counties:  Smith, Scott, Rankin
Duplexes:  1 mile with US 80 and 0.6 miles with MS 13 in Morton
Multilane Sections:  Along duplex with MS 13
ADT (1998):
  390 to 11,000.
Notes:  None at present.
What I'd do:  Build/reroute its own routing through Morton.
MS 603 Starting Point:  At US 90 in Waveland, Hancock County
Ending Point:
  At MS 53 near Necaise, Hancock County
Distance:  25 miles
Counties:  Hancock
Duplexes:  11 miles with MS 43
Multilane Sections:  Along duplex with MS 43 from US 90 to 1 mile north of I-10
ADT (1998):
  2,000 to 15,000.
Notes:  Bypass of Kiln is planned.
What I'd do:  Get rid of the MS 43/MS 603 duplex by getting rid of either route along duplex.
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