Alabama's Interstate Routes:

The Existent, The Almost, The Hidden, The Proposed







(W) MS border

(E) FL border on bridge crossing Perdido River

MOBILE, Mobile, BALDWIN, Spanish Fort.

(~67 miles) Alabama's lowest interstate number and shortest "2di" (2-digit interstate). Unsigned AL 610. For 10+ years, the western end fed directly onto US 90 seamlessly at the MS border. One can still see this configuration by daylight, as MS US 90 and AL I-10 have the same heading (angle). AL 10 is a minor cross-state route that should be issued a new number someday, maybe as an out-of-sync E/W 37 to match up with the Georgia route 37. Or maybe as a new Georgia Developmental Route 510.


(S) I-10/I-110 interchange in Pensacola, FL.

(N) I-65 somewhere in Escambia County, AL.


Often-discussed proposal to extend I-110 from Pensacola to I-65 to help facilitate hurricane evacuation.  No firm proposals in hand as of yet.

*xeven10 or

(S) I-10 W of Theodore.

(N) I-65 near Saraland.

MOBILE, Mobile

(~36 miles) Proposed freeway between I-10 and I-65 bypassing Mobile to the west.


or xodd10

(S) FL border near Madrid AL.

(N) Dothan city limits or around Midland City near AL 123/US 231 junction.


(~24 miles) Proposed freeway following US 231 from I-10 near Cottondale FL into the Dothan area and bypassing Dothan to the W. Dothan's population is 60,000 and the Wiregrass metro area around 160,000, above the original population-based interstate-access requirement. 310 has been one number proposed. 110 is impossible for FL, however 510, 710 or 910 would work too.


or 18



(W) T with I-65/85 in Montgomery, or further SW at the end of US 80's limited access stretch near the Montgomery Airport.

(E) GA border on the bridge crossing the Chattahoochee leading to GA US 80/ GA 22.

Montgomery, Tuskegee, Columbus.

(~40 miles of which the eastern 3 exist) An often-proposed freeway following east off I-85 at the AL 186/Wire Road exit running north of existing US 80 and connecting with the North Columbus bypass. Georgia's downgrading the Fall Line Frwy (GA 540) to non-limited access dooms the likelihood of this proposal. However, the Montgomery to Columbus route merits limited access. Maybe as I-18 or I-585 if Columbus-Macon is never interstate-grade.




Tuscaloosa, Bessemer, Birmingham, Anniston.

(~215 miles) Unsigned AL 620. AL 20 is fairly well hidden under I-565 and/or US 72A, except along Decatur to the Quad Cities. It could disappear without harm there, and become N/S AL 369 (to emphasize a connection with TN SPR 69) or an E/W AL 272.


or xodd20

(W) US 82 W of Northport.

(E) I-20/59 near Cottondale.


Planned Interstate-grade freeway, locally called "Black Warrior Loop", bypassing Tuscaloosa/Northport to the north.  Unknown as to which number it will receive when completed, or whether it will be an Interstate.  OPTION:  extend south via a private toll bridge over the Black Warrior River to I-20/59, and give it an even I-x20 or I-x59 designation.


or xodd20

(S) I-20 near Anniston.

(N) I-59 near at I-759.

CALHOUN, Anniston, ETOWAH, Gadsden

My idea for an Interstate-grade freeway connecting Anniston and Gadsden, bypassing the congested US 431.  See I-759 below.




Hamilton, Jasper, Birmingham.

(~100 miles) Unsigned AL 4/AL 622? Alabama's most-likely-to-happen new number. The under-construction limited access 78 ought be replaced when the whole Memphis to Birmingham is done. AL 22 could be renumbered as US 378 along with a route thru GA along 44, 16, 54, 34, etc. or AL 66 from the current W end.

*£ 28, 38



Quad Cities, Decatur or Athens, Huntsville.

(? miles) The Atlanta to Rome GA to Huntsville to Memphis proposed route. Some suggest an eastern I-30 for this ISTEA corridor. I-38 would be simpler.




Tuscaloosa, Bessemer, Birmingham, Gadsden.

(~242 miles) Unsigned AL 659. Alabama's lowest odd interstate number.





(~3 miles) Unsigned AL 359. Why is there no I-159 or I-259 you ask? Because Alabama realized that there would be no route duplication if they started with 359. Only about 4 blocks miss connecting the N end with the bridge over the Black Warrior and a couple grade-separated intersections on the N bank. The freeway ends by shifting over to E and W side one-way streets which serve as access roads.




Bessemer, Birmingham.

(~33 miles) Unsigned AL 459. Alabama's only even-prefixed 3di interstate number. ISTEA included a N bypass Bham extension, and the sorely-needed NE portion will likely be built connecting with the new US 78/"I-22" around Gardendale at I-65. The NW section from Gardendale to Bessemer will be a tough build thru hilly terrain.


(N) T with I-20/59 at US 31/US 280 in Birmingham

(S) Traffic light


(~5 miles) The Elton Stephens/Red Mountain Expressway, Unsigned I- and AL 559. Hidden interstate number for section of the freeway that is interstate grade. Signed as US 280, and US 31 until that route separates south of downtown. If a short section of service roads, and grade separations are done along the south side, the freeway could extend to I-459.  ALDOT steadfastly maintains that there is no I-559, hidden or not, so the validity of this number is in doubt.


(W) At I-59

(E) At US 411 interchange (continues east as signed AL 759)


(~3 miles) Unsigned AL 759, except at the eastern terminus on the state maps. Alabama's highest interstate number. Long-range plans call for extensions on either end, bypassing Attalla, and possibly connecting to US 278 east of Gadsden.  Suggestion: a logical extension southward someday to Anniston and I-20, passing close as possible to Jacksonville.


(S) Mobile

(N) Huntsville

Mobile, Jackson, Demopolis, Tuscaloosa, Jasper, Cullman, Huntsville

("boocoo" miles) A proposed toll freeway which would fit as I-61 or I-63. Follows US 43 from near Mobile up the western side of the state, and then cutting diagonally from Tuscaloosa through Jasper and Cullman to Huntsville along US 231 through town. Very possible that this will be done to alleviate traffic on I-65 in the early part of next century.




Mobile, Evergreen, Montgomery, Prattville, Clanton, Birmingham, Cullman, Decatur, Athens.

(~370 miles) Unsigned AL 665. Alabama's longest interstate. AL 65 is a low traffic route in the NW part of the state, but close enough to I-65. I'd renumber it as AL 297, connecting as it does with TN SSR 97. Many have noticed the 70 degree or so bend taken by 65 near Montgomery. But, I-65 is well designed to serve the maximum of population centers, splitting between Decatur and Huntsville (a MUCH smaller town in the 50's) hitting Cullman, B'ham, Clanton, Mtgmy, Greenville, and splitting the difference between Brewton and Monroeville on the way to Atmore, Bay Minette and Mobile. Rumors of a possible S end proposed at the Dauphin Island crossing on an early 60s map. M.t.r. viologists really seem to dislike the turn at Mtgy and oft propose renumbering 65 to 85 and building a new 65 along 231.





Unsigned AL 6165(?). Alabama's newest interstate number, pending completion of (possible) I-22 from Memphis to Birmingham in the 00's. Don't ask me why ALDOT forgot it was issuing 3di's that didn't conflict with existing state route numbers. AL 165 should be changed to US 431A/AL 95 (northern extension)/Chattahoochee River Route, but that's a different topic.


(W) T with I-65 at North Blvd exit in Montgomery

(E) Traffic light with Jackson Ferry Rd


(~4 miles) Signed AL 152 (but unsigned from the I-65 interchange). Possible hidden interstate number for section of North Blvd that is interstate grade.  If grade separation is done at the Jackson Ferry intersection, the freeway would extend 2 more miles to the newer Montgomery Zoo north side entrance. Montgomery would do well to rename this stretch as the "Zooway". The Zoo here is amazingly good for a city this size.  Another possible hidden Interstate whose existence is disputed.




Decatur, Huntsville

Unsigned AL 565. Alabama's lowest interstate number.

* xeven65

(S) T with I-565 on SW side of Huntsville

(N) currently at Jordan Rd (AL 53), but should loop around to end at US 72 NE of Huntsville.


An often-proposed northern interstate bypass of Huntsville. The construction of AL 255 has given this project enough mileage to become an I-665. That number seems most logical, as it would be a loop off I-565. (Precedents: I-190/290 MA, 280/380 CA, 278/478/678 NY, 290/990 NY∑) However, this conflicts with AL 665 being the hidden SR for I-65. Then again, so does AL 165 with I-165. Just index it as AL-6665?? Then again, maybe I-465 is better.

* xeven65

or xeven85

(W) X with I-65 at the new US 80 T on the S side of Mtgy

(E) Y with I-85 E of Mtgy near Mitylene


The now-under-construction southern interstate bypass of Montgomery, which will run from US 80 west of Montgomery Airport around the south of town and then tie into I-85 east of newly built 4-lane AL 271 (aka Taylor Road). Dave Sturm recommends using 885 for this 3di loop.


(S) T with I-65, Montgomery

(E) GA border

Montgomery, Tuskegee, Auburn-Opelika, Lanett Valley.

(80.1 miles) Unsigned AL 685. Although marked as N-S, this route is mostly E-W in the state. Section around Mitylene is interesting. What was a 4-lane (no access control) US 80 was upgraded so that the original W bound lanes became a N side access road, and the original E-bound lanes are now the W-bound I-85. Milepost 80 is just a few yards before the bridge over the Chattahoochee. This highway is often suggested as having "a wrong number". But the N end is with 95, and the S end with 65, so anything in between fits. It's a "main street for the New South", and interestingly could be called the "Confederate Capital Freeway" as its ends are Montgomery and (almost) Richmond.




Columbus-Phenix City.

(0 miles) Signs for I-185 *do* appear in Alabama all around Phenix City to trailblaze convenient access to I-185 N-bound out of Columbus. In a sense, the existing interstate-grade N-bypass of Columbus and Phenix City is a darn good spur of 185. See also *16 above. In the interim, this road deserves to be I-[3|5|7]85.

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