Multilane Interstates

6+ lane Interstates

This works-in-progress table lists those Interstate highways with continuous stretches of at least 3 through lanes in each direction, for a minimum total of 6 through lanes.  To qualify, the given section of Interstate must maintain a minimum of 3 lanes in each direction for at least 5 miles and/or THROUGH at least 3 full interchanges.  The lane counts must be maintained THROUGH every interchange along the given section.  Express or HOV lanes will count on the condition that they connect to the through lanes on each end.

This table is organized first by route, then by order of section from west-to-east or south-to-north.  NOTE:  This listing does *NOT* include all 6+ lane Interstates meeting the above criteria, as there are many Interstate segments that the author is not aware of the status for.

I-10 AL Exit 17/AL 193 interchange ramps Exit 26/Water St interchange ramps 9 miles
I-20/59 AL Exit 118/Valley Rd interchange ramps Exit 134/AL 75 interchange ramps (on I-59) 16 miles
I-20 AL Exit 133/Kilgore Dr interchange ramps Exit 140/US 78 interchange ramps 7 miles
I-65 AL Exit 0/I-10 Near MP 11 (currently)
Exit 13/AL 158 interchange ramps (U/C)
11 miles currently
13 miles upon completion of construction
I-65 AL Exit 173/AL 152 interchange ramps Near Exit 179/AL 6 6 miles
I-65 AL Exit 247/CR 17 interchange ramps Exit 261/I-20/59 interchange ramps 14 miles
I-65 AL Exit 261/I-20/59 interchange ramps Near MP 291 30 miles
I-85 AL I-65 Near MP 7 7 miles
I-40 AR/TN Exit 281/AR 131 interchange ramps Exit 1E/I-240 interchange ramps 6 miles
I-95 MD/DE Exit 64/I-695 interchange ramps I-495 ramps near Wilmington, DE 58 miles
I-495 DE Exit 1/US 13 ramps Exit 5/US 13 ramps 7 miles
I-295 DE/NJ US 13/40 ramps NJ TPK split 5 miles
I-75 FL Exit 200/FL 681 ramps Exit 261/I-4 ramps 61 miles
I-75 FL/GA Exit 329/FL TPK ramps Exit 16/US 84 ramps 158 miles
I-20 GA Exit 24/GA 61 ramps Exit 57/I-75/85 ramps 33 miles
I-75/85 GA Exit 246/I-20 ramps Exit 251/I-75/I-85 split 5 miles
I-75 GA/TN Exit 259/I-285 ramps Exit 2/I-24 ramps 96 miles
I-85 GA Near MP 56 Exit 68/I-285 ramps 12 miles
I-85 GA Exit 85/I-75 ramps Exit 113/I-985 ramps 18 miles
I-285 GA Exit 62/I-85 ramps Exit 10/I-20 ramps 10 miles
I-494 MN Exit 64A/Hardman Ave ramps (currently)
Exit 60/Lake Dr ramps (U/C)
Exit 7AB/MN 100 ramps (currently)
Exit 11AB/MN 5 West ramps (U/C)
16.5 miles currently
24 miles upon completion of construction
I-64 VA Exit 276/I-564 ramps Exit 291/I-464/VA 168 South overpass 15 miles


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Last Updated:  November 20, 2004