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If I were to list fictional roads... I could include :

1. I-98 to follow the US 2 corridor from western Montana to Sault St. Marie Mich. with some
canadian version of *autoroute* to go from there, similar to brandon grotes fictional route.

2. I-96 from I-94 to Green Bay including the 172 freeway as part of I-96. designate a 3 digit
196 to the Wausau west to Marathon City. and a total southern bypass of Wausau.

3. I-341 along the US 10 corridor from Manitowoc to Marshfield and maybe to I-96.

4. I-39 extending to I-98 :)

5. I-43 extending north into UP Michigan along the 41 corridor to hook up to I-98.

6. rename US 41 as I-41. It would multiplex I-94 from Chicago to Milwaukee then head on the
US 45 freeway north out of the city then US 41 to Green Bay. Then continue along the US 141
corridor to Iron Mountain and eventually to also hook up to I-98.

7. I-37 corridor from Thunder Bay down to Duluth along old US 61. Short multiplex with I-35 to
enter into Wis. Perhaps elimiate 535 and make that part of I-37 and along near the existing
2/53 corridor near the lake shore in Superior Wis. Then I-37 along current US 53 south to Eau
Claire, then south along Wis. 93 corridor to La Crosse, and US 61 to Iowa. Continue along US
61 to I-80. Continue along the
Avenue of the Saints to St. Louis. :)

Rename the avenue of the saints into some other route to I-35 maybe another 3 digit I route. Hmmm maybe just extend
380!!!! *LOL*

8. upgrade all of US 12 to freeway from Illinois to Wis. Dells and make it I-90. Get rid of much of the multiplex. The
Madison south belt line would be part of I-90.
Then I-39 would be the solo route from Madison to Rockford.

The existing 90 tollway from Rockford to Chicago could become I-84 and be extended west along US 20 corridor to Sioux

9. rename I-88 as I-82.
10. rename the US 45 spur to West Bend WI as I-141
11. rename the Wis. 16 spur to Oconowoc as I-194
12. build and extend I-794 to Kenosha.
13. rename and upgrade existing road from Green Bay to Sturgeon Bay WI as I-143
14. Make a total beltline around Madison and call it I-239, making a north belt line to finish it off and rest can be
multiplexed with all those overmultiplexed US routes for a nice nice big huge assembly *LOL*

15. Make some I-route along all of US 151 thoughout Wis. Hmmmmm, I wonder what number we can pick off the tree???? maybe a 3 digit I route?? Heck you see a lot of them out east!! why not here!!! hmmm I-341??? or 343??? your pick :)

16. I-35 extended to International Falls, MN maybe along Minn. 33 to US 53 and US 53 northward. then 535 would extend
into Duluth to meet I-37. Also the Bong Bridge(US 2) being 235 as a Superior Beltline to hook up to I-37 too :)

17. US 169 from I-35 down to the Twin Cities and south to MN 60?? and MN 60 to Sioux City Iowa as I-31 or 33.
18. another I-96 in Minnesota from Duluth to I-94 in Western Minn.. It would be mostly along the minn. 210 route.

19. extend I-394 all across Minn. along the US 212 corridor or US 12 somehow. It would connect to I-29 and maybe
through SD and be near Pierre and connect to I-90 in Wyoming.

20. Extend I-25 in Buffalo WY to go to MT and get rid of 90 routing and build some new I-90 route through northern WY to
ID and would connect to present 84. Decommision 84 there and call it 90 to Portland.   Renumber 90 in MT and just call it 94 to Seattle.

21. extend I-39 in ILLINOIS to go to I-57 either near Salem or all the way to MO It would be mostly along US 51 corridor.
22. extend 172 all the way to Galesburg to 74 and end 74 at 172 and renumber 74 to the Quad cities as 172.
23. extend 72 through MO and KS as far as the eye can see *LOL*
24. I-67 in Michigan along present 31 corridor to Grand Rapids and along 131 corrdor to hook up to I-75.
25. extend I-65 as well along 94/196 and along US 31 corridor north of Grand Rapids to Ludington and beyond perhaps.
26. rename I-99 as 999 or 99999999999999999999999999999999 and make it circle the county 12 times like a cinnamon
roll!!!!!!!!!! *LOL*

Kevin Robokoff

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