Alabama Northbound Virtual Cruise

This page, with images courtesy of Kurumi's Signmaker, provides a "virtual cruise" of the guide signage along my fantasy version of I-210 around Mobile, AL.  Images begin at the top, and progress northbound as one goes down the page.  Notes and annotations will be below an image, as appropriate.  For simplicity, not all signs that could theoretically exist will be shown below.

The Cruise:

I-210 is my fantasy rendition of the proposed "West Mobile Bypass", also called the "Mobile Outer Loop".  Current long-range transportation plans call for a loop beginning on I-10 near Milepost 8 and extending north to the proposed new-location alignment of US 98.  I extend it a bit further to form a full loop around to I-65, as was originally proposed.



This interchange does not show up in the current long-range plan, though it did exist in the location/environmental studies from 2002.








AL 56 here is my idea for a new state highway running along Airport Blvd between the Mississippi line and Government St in Mobile.  The segment between the Outer Loop and I-65 would be a freeway connecting to the Mobile Regional Airport.  To accommodate the route number, existing AL 56 would become AL 42.  To accommodate that, since AL 42 currently exists as the hidden state route for US 98, all state routes underlaid along U.S. highways would be eliminated.






This interchange is one of my own ideas.


Existing US 98 would become CR 42 under my fantasy world.



Auxiliary lanes would exist between the CR 42 and US 98 interchanges.


In my fantasy world, US 98 gets routed along a Hattiesburg-Mobile freeway, utilizing existing US 98 in Mississippi and the proposed new-location "Wilmer bypass" in this area.




In my fantasy system, AL 217 gets downgraded to a county route.



In my fantasy system, existing US 45 becomes CR 17, as my version of US 45 would be on a new-location freeway from Prichard northward extending into Mississippi.










Fantasy I-210 would end at an interchange on I-65 about 1.5 miles southwest of I-65's existing interchange at US 43, at a point where I-65 takes a curve to the right.  Also ending at this interchange would be my fantasy US 43 freeway, which would run north towards Demopolis and Tuscaloosa.  This interchange would be a modified directional interchange, with I-65 being a "through route" and with a flyover from NB I-210 to NB US 43.


An END I-210 sign would be posted just before NB I-210 merges into NB I-65.



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Last Updated  January 14, 2006
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