Key Largo, FL to Miami, FL


I never really did like how I-95, the great Interstate of the East Coast, comes to a somewhat sullen ending near the south end of downtown Miami.   So, to that effect, I spent many hours pouring through topographic maps to come up with a suitable extension down to the Florida Keys, a much more worthwhile ending for this Interstate highway.  Along with this extension, I've did some minor renumbering, such as making the Palmetto Expressway I-495.  I've also extended I-75 down the Florida Turnpike so that it ends at a 2di and not some state highway.  One more note:   I've used milepost-based exit numbers on this fictional list, since Florida is planning to go to that system soon anyway.


Map will be part of a future update.


Links (some under development):

A VIRTUAL CRUISE of northbound I-95
A VIRTUAL CRUISE of southbound I-95
Exit List of Fictional I-95

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Last Updated:  November 20, 2004
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