Rayne, LA to East New Orleans, LA


This fictional freeway is my response to the "I-49 South" proposal, which is a plan by LADOTD and regional leaders to extend I-49 from Lafayette to New Orleans.  The Interstate extension is a valid idea, but using the I-49 number isn't, as you'd have a north-south Interstate going mostly east-west, and even going the opposite direction of what it's signed at times.

As mentioned on my "Louisiana Shuffle" page, my solution is to redesignate the "I-49 South" extension as a realignment of I-10.  This routing would be combined with a fictional southwestern bypass of the Lafayette area as well as a fictional eastern loop of New Orelans.  Much of the routing follows that of existing US 90 (Future I-49), with smaller portions utilizing the Westbank Expressway (BUS US 90) and I-510.

As I-10 would be realigned onto a different alignment, some renumberings and route extensions would take place under this fictional idea.  I-12 would be extended west along existing I-10 from Baton Rouge to Rayne, with existing I-110 in Baton Rouge becoming I-112.  Proposed "I-49 South" from near Broussard to the existing I-10/I-49 interchange would remain "I-49".  I-55 would be extended south through New Orleans and along the Westbank Expressway to meet Fictional I-10 in Gretna.  Existing I-10 between Baton Rouge and LaPlace would become Fictional I-255.  I-610 would be extended east to the existing I-10/I-510 interchange, with the short segment of existing I-10 between the Westbank and I-610 becoming Fictional I-810.


This map shows the location of my I-10 fictional realignment overlaid on a modern-day map.  Total length is about 175 miles.  The freeway routing is represented in blue.  The black line south of Boutte represents an extension of I-310 to meet the Fictional I-10.

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A VIRTUAL CRUISE of eastbound I-10
A VIRTUAL CRUISE of westbound I-10
Exit List of Fictional I-10

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