Iowa/Minnesota State Line to U.S/Canadian Border at International Falls, MN


This is my fantasy version of I-35 through Minnesota, following the premise of a "border-to-border" Interstate that reaches the Canadian border instead of ending in Duluth, MN like I-35 does today.

From Iowa up to Cloquet, Fantasy I-35 is fundamentally the same as existing I-35, with the exception of some additional interchanges, most of which are proposed in real life.  At Cloquet, Fantasy I-35 departs the existing corridor and follows the MN 33 corridor north to US 53, then the US 53 corridor all the way up to International Falls and a new fantasy border crossing on the west side of town.

As a side note, the route continues as Fantasy ON 435, connecting to ON 11/71 west of Fort Frances.


Basic Roadway Configuration:




Links (some under development):

A VIRTUAL CRUISE of northbound I-35
A VIRTUAL CRUISE of southbound I-35
Exit List of Fictional I-35, IA/MN State Line to I-35E/I-35W split in Burnsville
Exit List of Fictional I-35, I-35E/I-35W split in Anoka County to Fictional I-535

Exit List of Fictional I-35, Fictional I-535 to U.S./Canadian Border

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