Lafayette Highway


Fantasy MN 3 is my thought on a new north-south principal arterial to handle major growth in central Dakota County.  It is a combination of three items:  a partial bypass of Faribault (via routing west to meet I-35 directly), a 4-lane widening of MN 3 between Faribault and Rosemount, and a new freeway north of Rosemount that is based on an early proposal for a Lafayette Freeway extension south of MN 55.


Roadway Configuration:




Route Log:

Milepost Cross-street or feature Access
0.0 I-35 At-grade intersections
0.461 Rice CR 76/Park Ave Traffic signal
1.75 Fictional Rice CSAH 45/Northfield Blvd At-grade intersection
2.672 Rice CSAH 29 At-grade intersection
3.461 Fictional MN 99 WEST At-grade intersection
6.145 Rice CSAH 8/130th St E At-grade intersection
7.512 Cannon River N/A
8.02 Rice CSAH 20/Cannon City Blvd At-grade intersection
8.835 Fictional MN 246/Rice CSAH 1 Traffic signal
10.123 Fictional Rice CSAH 78/Jefferson Pkwy Traffic signal
10.471 Fictional Rice CSAH 28/Woodley St Traffic signal
10.784 Cannon River N/A
10.928 Fictional Rice CSAH 49/5th St W Traffic signal
11.195 2nd St W Traffic signal
11.594 Greenvale Ave Traffic signal
12.161 Dakota/Rice County line N/A
13.085 Fictional MN 19/Dakota CSAH 47 Traffic signal
13.332 Dakota CR 96/320th St W At-grade intersection
17.452 Fictional MN 186/280th St W Interchange
20.044 Dakota CSAH 80/255th St W At-grade intersection
21.599 Dakota CR 78/240th St W At-grade intersection
22.599 Fictional MN 352 At-grade intersections
23.101 225th St W At-grade intersection
23.603 MN 50/Fictional Dakota CSAH 70/Ash St Traffic signal
24.27 Elm St Traffic signal
24.885 Dakota CSAH 66/Vermillion River Trl Traffic signal
26.575 Fictional Dakota CSAH 60/190th St W Traffic signal
28.005 Fictional Dakota CSAH 9 Traffic signal
28.588 170th St W At-grade intersection
29.707 Dakota CSAH 46/160th St W Interchange
30.722 Biscayne Ave At-grade intersection
31.642 MN 142 WEST Half-interchange (N)
31.842 Bloomfield Path/U-turns At-grade intersection
32.009 MN 142 EAST NB off-ramp
32.183 145th St W/Ramp from WB MN 142 Traffic signal
32.529 Connemara Trl At-grade intersection
33.168 Dakota CR 38/135th St W At-grade intersection
34.469 Bacardi Ave None (overpass)
35.18 Fictional Dakota CSAH 37/S. Robert Trl Half-interchange (N)
35.602 Red Pine Ln None (overpass)
36.239 Fictional MN 132/Cliff Rd Interchange
37.076 Fictional Dakota CSAH 67/S Robert Trl Half-interchange (S)
37.592 MN 149 NORTH Interchange
38.402 Dakota CSAH 71/Rich Valley Rd None (overpass)
38.966 Arnold Ave None (overpass)
40.065 Dakota CSAH 73/Barnes Ave None (overpass)
40.296 US 52/MN 55 3/4 interchange
40.541 US 52 NORTH/END Fictional MN 3 N/A


Links (under development):

A VIRTUAL CRUISE of northbound MN 3
A VIRTUAL CRUISE of southbound MN 3
Exit List of Fictional MN 3


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