Unlike most of my fictional freeways, Fictional MN 594 is a real-life proposal.  Called the "I-94/US 10 Connector" or 94-10 Regional connector by some, the freeway is a plan by MnDOT to build a high-speed/high-capacity connection between I-94 near Clearwater and US 10 near Clear Lake, to facilitate a heavy seasonal and increasingly heavy commuter connection between the two routes.  Existing MN 24 between Clearwater and Clear Lake currently serves as the primary connection, but is only 2 lanes and is heavily congested.  Studies initiated in the mid-1990s concluded with the plan for a new 4-lane river crossing downstream of MN 24 with a freeway connection between I-94 and US 10.

MN 594 is my idea of a route number that could be used for the connection, as it could be considered a spur off of I-94.


Map will be part of a future update.


Route Log:

Milepost Cross-street or feature Access
0.0 I-94 Interchange
0.3 Wright CSAH 75 None (overpass)
0.6 Mississippi River, Wright/Sherburne County line N/A
1.6 Sherburne CSAH 8 None (overpass)
2.6 Existing MN 24


3.8 Sherburne CR 76/82nd St SE None (overpass)
4.6 US 10 Interchange

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