Long-range plans for NY 5 in the 1960s and 1970s made note of the traffic congestion along the route both west and east of downtown Syracuse.  This led to plans for a freeway or improved arterial for NY 5 in both directions from downtown, with various routes offered including Genessee St, an Erie Blvd upgrade, or a new alignment in the vicinity of Grand Ave.  The freeway or expressway would have extended to either Geddes St or possibly as far as West St and then tie into the arterial network around downtown.  Of these plans, made most prominent in the 1971 transportation plan, only the segment bypassing Camillus and Fairmount was built.  Though this freeway segment was built to accommodate extensions in both directions (each end is a half-completed interchange), nothing further came of the rerouting proposals for NY 5, and in fact some of the ROW originally set aside for the freeway in western Geddes (still visible on aerial images) has since been used for new home construction.

To the east, plans to extend a new alignment NY 5 east of the I-481/I-690 interchange towards Chittenango survived up to the late 1980s.  Late 1980s environmental studies studied a reduced-scope routing extending to the vicinity of the NY 257/NY 290 interchange, but even this was dropped due to various reasons.  As a result, the I-481/I-690 interchange sits partially unused, with some of the unfinished ramps serving a NYSDOT maintenance yard now instead.

This Fictional NY 5 draws upon those plans from the 1970s with a freeway routing running from near Auburn all the way to Chittenango.  Fictional NY 5 follows a new alignment freeway from northeast of Auburn to west of Camillus, then the existing freeway bypassing Camillus and Fairmount, then the abandoned right-of-way through western Geddes.  Near Onondaga Blvd, Fictional NY 5 turns east and follows an alignment generally along Onondaga Blvd and Onondaga St before turning north up West St to I-690.  Fictional NY 5 then duplexes with I-690 to I-481 and continues east along a new alignment from there, north of Green Lakes State Park, and ending on Tuscarora Rd just west of Genesee St in northern Chittenango.


Map will be part of a future update.


Route Log:

Mileage is based on NY 5's existing route mileage beginning at Auburn

Milepost Cross-street or feature Access
201.0 NCL Auburn N/A
201.44 Gates Rd/Grant Ave (Old NY 5) At-grade intersection
203.75 Miller Rd None
206.84 Cayuga/Onondaga County Line N/A
208.62 Vinegar Hill Rd Interchange
213.02 NY 321 Interchange
215.26 NY 174/Old NY 5 Interchange
216.55 Newport Rd Half-interchange (E)
217.94 Bennett Rd Half-interchange (W)
218.58 Hinsdale Rd Half-interchange (E)
219.77 NY 173/Warners Rd Half-interchange (WB)
220.09 NY 695 Interchange
221.08 W. Genesee St/Old NY 5 Interchange
222.29 NY 815 Interchange
222.75 Fay Rd/Onondaga Blvd 3/4 interchange
224.38 Velasko Rd Interchange
225.04 S. Geddes St Interchange
226.18 Shonnard St/Adams St Half-interchange (W)
226.3 Gifford St Half-interchange (E)
226.78 Erie Blvd W/Old NY 5 Interchange
227.07 I-690 Interchange

Fictional NY 5 duplexes with I-690 from West St to I-481.

Milepost Cross-street or feature Access
232.87 I-481/I-690 Interchange
234.52 North Burdick St Interchange
235.3 NY 290/Manlius Center Rd None
235.66 Miona Rd Interchange
238.04 Old Erie Canal N/A
238.72 Kirkville Rd North Interchange
240.03 Onondaga/Madison County Line N/A
241.59 Bolivar Rd At-grade intersection
242.07 Tuscarora Rd At-grade intersection
242.52 Race St/Manor Dr At-grade intersection
242.62 Genesee St/Lakeport Rd/Old NY 5 At-grade intersection

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