Baldwinsville Bypass


In the late 1960s and early 1970s, there was thought given to providing a new alignment corridor connecting NY 690 and NY 481 through Lysander and bypassing Baldwinsville.  Called the "Lysander New Town Corridor" in the 1971 transportation plan, it was suggested to serve what was then proposed as major development in the Lysander and Baldwinsville areas.  The corridor got as far as DEIS studies in the late 1970s, with various alignments proposed either along or parallel to NY 31, but the proposal for the most part never got past the DEIS stage.  A reduced-scope, 2-lane "Baldwinsville Bypass", from NY 48 to NY 31, was studied in the late 1990s, and part of this was built as the NY 631 segment between NY 370 and NY 31.  The connection across the Seneca River to NY 48 remains planned, but unfunded.

Fictional NY 31 is an idea on what the full "Lysander New Town Corridor" might have looked like if built as a freeway.  A logical extension to the Thruway west of I-690 is also included in Fictional NY 31, as is an extension to east of Henry Clay Blvd bypassing Great Northern Mall and the Clay town hall.


Map will be part of a future update.


Route Log:

Mileage is based on NY 31's existing route mileage beginning at Jordan.

Milepost Cross-street or feature Access
148.42 Grimes Rd At-grade intersection
149.13 Old NY 31 At-grade intersection
149.49 I-90/NYS Thruway Half-interchange (E)
152.99 I-90/NYS Thruway

Half-interchange (W)

153.8 NY 173/Warners Rd Interchange
157.35 NY 690 Interchange
158.19 NY 48 None
158.48 Seneca River N/A
159.05 NY 370 None
159.90 Old NY 31 Interchange
160.97 NY 631/W. Entry Rd Interchange
161.91 Drakes Landing Rd Interchange
162.35 Seneca River N/A
164.25 NY 481 Interchange
165.71 Morgan Rd Interchange
166.52 Henry Clay Blvd At-grade intersection
167.5 Van Heusen Rd At-grade intersection
168.27 Caughdenoy Rd At-grade intersection
168.62 Old NY 31 At-grade intersection

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