Manlius Bypass


This "Fictional Freeway" isn't a freeway per se, but is more like a "Fictional Expressway".  In the early 1970s, consideration was given to a new-location-routing of NY 92 to bypass Manlius and reduce traffic on the NY 5/NY 92 duplex near I-481.  There were no indications that this new routing was to be a freeway...instead, it likely would have become an at-grade expressway.  Either way, the proposal never got very far.

Fictional NY 92 recreates this expressway proposal, with a 4-lane expressway routing from I-481 just north of Jamesville Rd eastward to existing NY 92 near Oran (southeast of Manlius in the Town of Pompey).


Map will be part of a future update.


Route Log:

Mileage is based on a fictional rerouting of NY 92 beginning at West St and running along existing NY 5/Erie Blvd to I-481.

Milepost Cross-street or feature Access
7.17 I-481 Trumpet interchange
7.72 Woodchuck Hill Rd At-grade intersection
10.24 Sweet Rd None (overpass)
10.63 NY 173/E Seneca Tpk At-grade intersection
11.27 Henneberry Rd None (overpass)
11.96 Watervale Rd At-grade intersection
12.32 Brickyard Falls Rd None (overpass)
12.57 Broadfield Rd At-grade intersection
13.69 Pompey Center Rd At-grade intersection
14.99 Oran-Delphi Rd At-grade intersection
15.38 Existing NY 92 None
15.88 Pompey Hollow Rd/Palmer Rd At-grade intersection
16.56 Onondaga/Madison Co Line N/A

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