Southwest Syracuse Loop


NY 815 is my idea for a fictional freeway based on part of the 1971 transportation plan for the Syracuse region.  The plan called for a 4-lane freeway looping from I-81 near Nedrow around to the partially completed NY 5 bypass of Camillus.  As with many proposed freeways and upgraded highways around Syracuse, this one never got off the ground.

Fictional NY 815 is slightly modified from that 1971 plan.  It runs from the existing I-81/481 interchange in southern Syracuse, westward and northward to an interchange with Fictional NY 5 near today's Onondaga Rd/Onondaga Blvd intersection.  I numbered it NY 815 due to it's connecting I-81 with NY 5.


Map will be part of a future update.


Route Log:

Milepost Cross-street or feature Access
0.0 I-81/I-481 3/4 interchange
0.46 US 11/S Salina St Half-interchange (N)
1.05 NY 80/Valley Dr None
2.24 NY 175/South Ave Interchange
3.71 McDonald Rd None
5.02 Fay Rd Half-interchange (S)
5.38 Fictional NY 5 Interchange

Map will be part of a future update.


Links (some under development):

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Last Updated:  April 21, 2005
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