A Transportation Vision for the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Hurricane Katrina did untold damage to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, not just to the transportation network (with two major bridges on US 90 completely out of commission), but to people's homes, businesses, and lives.  As the Coast begins the lengthy task of cleanup and rebuilding, various groups and individuals have put forth their proposals for rebuilding the Coast's communities.

This set of pages details out my vision for rebuilding and improving the transportation system of the three Mississippi Gulf Coast counties plus southern Pearl River County.  My vision is a mix of various proposals, including some studies that were underway prior to the hurricane, the recommendations of the Governor's Renewal Forum, and some of my own ideas.

Transit sub-pages

Some Thoughts on Transportation Policy


Major projects

There are three goals behind my vision:  improve system connectivity and capacity, multimodal connections, and implementation of a transit system in the core urban areas.  There are a number of major projects or corridors that will be involved with this, as listed below:

As not all of the above projects could be constructed simultaneously, I have broken down the main projects and objectives of my vision into 4 phases, plus an additional listing of projects that could be completed and accomplished during any phase.  The phases, and their relevant projects, are listed below:


Phase 1


Phase 2


Phase 3


Phase 4


Projects that can be built in any Phase

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