Meridian's Major Street Plan

As part of a Comprehensive Plan, the city of Meridian adopted a Major Street Plan in the early 1990's.  This street plan serves as the basis for Meridian's Transportation Plan,  This Major Street Plan lays out the various arterials and collectors within the city, and also lists and prioritizes proposed improvements to the system.

Existing system

The following table summarizes the major and minor street arterials within the city of Meridian.  All state and federal highways within the city are considered major arterials.

Street Location Major/Minor
Old US 80 West city limits to MS 19 Major
8th Street MS 19 to 22nd Ave Major
14th Street 26th Ave to Front St Major
Front Street 14th St to MS 39 Major
North Hills Street 35th Ave to 18th Ave Major
State Blvd 39th Ave/15th St to North Hills St Major
29th/31st Avenues I-20/59 to 8th Street Major
24th Avenue 7th St to Poplar Springs Dr/22nd St Major
23rd Avenue Front St to 14th St Major
22nd Avenue I-20/59 to 14th St Major
18th Avenue N. Frontage Rd to 14th St Major
Dale Drive/Old US 45 MS 39 to east city limits Major
22nd Ave Heights MS 145 to south city limits Minor
B Street 26th Ave to MS 39 Minor
Front Street 26th Ave to 14th St Minor
5th Street Old US 80 to Front St Minor
6th Street 5th St to 18th Ave Minor
20th Street MS 19 to 23rd Ave Minor
43rd Street Poplar Springs Dr to 23rd Ave Minor
North Hills Street MS 19 to east city limits (excluding 35th-18th Ave) Minor
Chandler Rd MS 19 to north city limits Minor
49th Avenue South city limits to 8th St Minor
State Blvd North Hills St to north city limits Minor
40th Avenue Royal Rd to 42nd St Minor
39th Avenue 8th St to 15th St/State Blvd Minor
29th Avenue 8th Street to 52nd Street Minor
Grand Avenue N. Frontage Rd to C Street Minor
Poplar Springs Drive 22nd St/24th Ave to MS 493/North Hills St Minor
23rd Avenue 14th St to 43rd St Minor
10th Avenue Front St to North Hills St Minor
Newell Road Old US 45 to MS 39 Minor

If one were to plot the above arterials on a city map, one would notice a significant lack of major arterials in the area north of downtown and west of MS 39.  One would also notice a lack of continuity on some of the minor arterials.  This led city planners to come up with and prioritize a list of improvements and new construction to improve the system.

Proposed Improvements

The following table summarizes the proposed improvements to the Meridian street system.   I've included a few ideas of my own as well:

Street Type of Work Priority
10th Avenue Widen between 14th St and North Hills St Completed
29th/31st Avenues Overpasses and complete 4-lane widening between I-20/59 and 8th St Programmed
14th Street Widen to 5-lanes between 29th Ave and Front St Programmed
14th Street Extend/build between State Blvd/39th Ave and 29th Ave Programmed
10th Avenue Extend/build between North Hills St and Old Country Club Rd High
61st Street? Build connection between Poplar Springs Dr and MS 39 High
19th Street/20th Street Connect/extend between 23rd Ave and MS 39/Front St High
Windmill Drive Extend/build between Poplar Springs Dr and 13th Place High
29th Avenue Extend/build between North Hills St and MS 493/Poplar Springs Dr Medium
10th Avenue/11th Avenue Connect/extend between Front St and N. Frontage Rd Low
40th Street Extend/build between MS 19 and Kings Rd Low
MS 19 North bypass of Meridian between MS 494 and US 45/Marion-Russell Exit Low
17th Avenue/18th Avenue Connect between 6th St and 11th St Low
44th Street? Build connection between Kings Rd and State Blvd Low
17th Avenue Improve between 14th St and Parkway Blvd Low
North Hills Street Widen to 5-lanes between State Blvd and 35th Ave My own
North Hills Street Widen to 5-lanes between MS 493 and MS 39 My own
I-259?/MS 499? South bypass of Meridian between I-59 and US 45 My own
24th Avenue/Poplar Springs Drive Improve between 8th St and North Hills St My own
8th Street Widen to 5-lanes between MS 19 and 24th Ave My own
22nd Avenue Widen/replace bridge over railroad between A St and Front St My own

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